Thursday, September 16, 2010

Jumping on the Bandwagon: 25 Facts

Remember when everyone was writing those lists of 25 facts about themselves? People sounded so witty and clever and unique. I didn't feel like any of those at the time so I didn't write one. Plus, sometimes I don't jump on bandwagons just for the sake of not jumping so I can feel cool and rebellious because I've refused to give in and copy everyone else. Also, it seemed a bit narcissistic to focus so much on oneself.

Truth be told, I'm neither cool nor rebellious and I am a recovering narcissist. Thus, I am giving in and jumping on the bandwagon months later. Like I did with facebook. I clung to my "mySpace" account for an embarrassing amount of time.

I recently asked my students to write about how they became the person they are today- what people and experiences have shaped their perspectives and values. I then said,

"Realize that you'll change. Who you are today won't be who you are in 10 years. I am a much different person today than I was in high school...Thankfully."

"Why thankfully?" a curious student inquired upon seeing me laugh to myself.

"Well, for one, I was terribly socially awkward and terrified of boys. Plus, I was constantly comparing myself to others and was insecure about who I actually was. The moments since high school have shaped me into a secure woman who knows that she is loved by her creator and that is all that matters."

That being said, here is my list of 25 Random Facts:

1. I am a daughter of the king and have surrendered my life to following Christ and bringing Him glory.

2. I am a giraffe whisperer although this picture might seem otherwise. Proof. I apologize in advance for how obnoxious my commentary is in the video. Whenever I see myself talking to a camera, I am severely annoyed with myself. I'm even more irritating in this one.
3. I am terrified of earthquakes- especially after living through this when I visited the Philippines in 1990.
4. I am on a chocolate milk diet.

5. I am a competitive gamer known for making kids play down-by-the-banks with me and for throwing a ping-pong paddle at my brother's face when I was losing and he was taunting.
6. I am scarred by thirty warts that plagued my legs throughout my adolescent years.

7. I am amused by life's random moments. Proof.

8. I am great at making double chins, imitating monkeys and peacocks, and blowing bubbles.
9. I am not so great at confrontation, baking, losing, being on time, clapping and singing at the same time, dancing, or swimming. Though I once was a swim instructor.
10. I am the middle child and sister to Heidi, Trent and Travis. This means as a toddler I had to learn to self-sooth and sucked my thumb until third grade. This also means that I have learned how to do the following: cover my sandwiches so they don't get punched, watch where I sit so I won't sit on a waiting hand, hide and hoard any sweets I want to save for later, and duck when I hear the whizzing sound of my brothers spitting boogers across the room.
11. I am a basketball coach who has been mistaken for a player but also for a mom of one of my players. I am not sure which is more insulting.
12. I am a cat-owner but dog-lover. Go ahead. Make your judgments. Dotty is awesome.

13. I am a life-long student, reader, and nerd. If you think my B.U.M sweatshirt was cool, you should have seen my collection of Big Dog t-shirts.
14. I am able to sing with my lips shut, blow spit bubbles, and pull out my "innie" belly button.

15. I am a traveller, risk-taker, runner, and awkward hugger.

16. I am an English teacher who only took one college English course, occasionally wears running shoes with skirts, and loves saying, "pass up your homework," when nothing was assigned. Freaks 'em out every time.
17. I am terrified of bugs and will run like a pansy when threatened with them. Proof.

18. I am an international ugly-face maker.
19. I am a proud aunt, experienced bridesmaid, bunco-league member, Westmont grad, and Iron Well sister.
20. I am always in search of adventure and an adrenaline rush. Proof.

21. I am easily startled but also love to scare people. However, I hate that moment before the unsuspecting victim turns the corner and I'm so filled with anticipation of a great scare that I can hardly control my breathing and nearly wet myself.

22. I am often taller than guys and require that my future husband be both vertically and horizontally larger than me.
23. I am a magnet for awkward moments and awkward men.

24. I am forever changed by my Sundays spent in the village of Shiparango. Proof.

25. I am a Hardeman. This means I thrive on competition, believe in the power of the jinx, can touch my nose with my tongue, basketball runs through my veins, I have a love for other nations and evangelism, pork n beans are in my tacos, I hate to lose at anything, I can laugh at myself, and I have freakishly long toes.


  1. Yours is my new favorite blog. I don't know why it took me so hard to find it. Coleson, Will and I were laughing out loud last night about your bathroom post. You have got to be one of the funniest women in the world!!!!!

    You are still remembered with awe and affection by the h.s. students at CAM who had you for a teacher. It's hard to believe many of them will graduate this year.

    Keep up the good work on here! ;-)

  2. Obivously I have not learned the discipline of proofreading......"I don't know why it took me so hard to find it." ?????? How 'bout "I don't know why it took me so long to FIND it!"

  3. Angie- I love reading your blog and didn't even notice your typo. I get so embarrassed when I catch mine- it's even more pressure for an "English teacher" not to make them. I spelled Carribbean on the board yesterday and a freshman was quick to point out that there is only one "R" in Caribbean. "Hey freshman, why do you have to know how to spell better than I do?"

    Nirupa- I cannot tell you how excited I was to see your name on here! I just figured out skype this month so I will have to find you on there and I will be writing you an e-mail ASAP! I was just thinking about you the other day as I looked through my India pictures and was bummed that we hadn't thought to take a picture together. I suppose that was because we only saw each other for a few minutes:)

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  5. love these! (and the pictures and the videos really add to it!) awesome. :)

  6. Thanks Gabriella! Seeing myself on video is even worse than hearing my voice on an answering machine. Both are pretty painful and I always wonder if people are secretly annoyed by my voice because I sure am when I hear it on tape.

  7. Well I think others are not as acutely aware of our voices than we are of our own voices... so don't worry about it!

    And your family does have longie toes! (The one at 3 o'clock! *low whistle*)