Monday, April 25, 2011

Crunchwrap Supremes and Broiled Fish

I'm still processing my week on the Zuni Reservation and am not ready to write about it quite yet. However, I will say this. I learned boatloads about myself and my God and His kingdom and power and it is overwhelming trying to put the experience into words. However, one thing I learned about myself that it is easy to put into words is the fact that I can eat. Like A LOT.

I made this realization today when the Zuni team met in my room at lunch to debrief. One of the girls was quick to point the finger at my giant ham sandwich with a confused and amused expression. She had popped by my room during 4th period and caught me devouring Chick-fil-a fries which I had said were my lunch. By "lunch" I had meant appetizer but I forgot I was going to see her during our actual lunch. I am not typically a "sauce" person but I'm pretty sure I could drink the Chick-fil-a sauce by itself. Plus, their waffle fries are sometimes as big as my face! Less than a mile from my school, naturally my "prep" period typically involves me driving through to "prepare" myself for the day with sheer goodness.

This girl who caught me in my "double lunch" happened to be the same one who, on the drive home, laughed a little too loudly at me in Taco Bell when I ordered a Crunchwrap Supreme. She was laughing because I had already snuck over to Sam's Club and eaten a giant slice of meaty pizza. She had taken a bite of it and informed me it tasted like "poo in a shoe." Since I concurred that it was not a life-changing slice of pizza and everyone else was eating Crunchwrap Supremes, I decided to find out what all the hoopla was about and get one myself. I was not disappointed. Those babies are delicious.

You probably should know that this student's laughter and mockery was mainly sparked by the comment I had made moments BEFORE lunch: "I'm not really that hungry but I could eat." She continues to quote me on this.

Perhaps I should have noticed my "issue" with food when we started out the trip with a stop at Denny's and I out-ate the three grown men at my table. What can I say? Belgian waffle grand slams are kind of amazing. At least I refrained from the bacon milkshake. Twas tempting but due to Lent and giving up desserts, I passed.

On Easter, I read the resurrection stories at the ends of the gospels and was stoked about a number of things. One of these being the fact that resurrected Jesus ate broiled fish. This actually sounds pretty nasty and I'm confused as to how they did this without an oven and a broiler. But the fact remains that Jesus was eating after he was resurrected and this gives me great hope that heaven really is going to be sweeter than I can imagine. I'm guessing there won't be Denny's bacon or Taco Bell Crunchwrap Supremes, but maybe the food will be even better. I know- like that's really even possible?

So here's my profound Easter thought: I love food and will be eating it for all eternity in my resurrected body thanks to Jesus.


I wonder if there'll be waffle fries...


  1. Bacon milkshake?! There is such a thing?!

  2. Oh yes. There is a whole "bacon pyramid" at Denny's. I've actually had bacon ice cream before and it was amazing. Jim Gaffigan is right- bacon makes everything better.