Monday, May 23, 2011

Computer Confessions

I skipped church the past two Sundays. Last week my roommate assumed I was getting ready for church and came into my room to borrow a sweater. She laughed when she saw me grinning guiltily and still laying in bed in my pajamas. Then she returned the sweater four hours later and laughed harder when I was in the exact same spot in bed, still in pajamas, looking even more guilty.

In my defense, the sermon series has been about families and although I'm sure there have been some valuable nuggets of truth for me, I've yet to see much Scripture regarding how one should treat their cat.

Plus, I've been working on something. It's not like I've been laying in bed sleeping. I've been laying in bed cursing at my computer. And I turned on some Chris Tomlin so I wouldn't feel like such a heathen.

No. That was a lie. I just said it to sound more Christian. I didn't listen to any music.

So why have I been cursing at my computer?

Because I'm an idiot. Especially when it comes to computers. And I've decided to switch from Blogger to WordPress and I thought it would be easy and it is not.

If you are not a blogger, none of this will really interest you. All you need to know is you can no longer find me at Instead, find me here at

If you are hardcore about your blogging, you know why I switched. In my estimations 83 % of hardcore bloggers use WordPress. And I want to be hardcore. (sidenote: that was a nickname of mine in college- I'm glad it didn't stick.)

What inspired the move?

Are you really interested or are you just asking to be polite? Well, if you really want to know, I'll give you the short answer:

  1. I wanted to be more hardcore about blogging.
  2. All the cool kids seem to be using WordPress and I want to be cool.
  3. Blogger broke one day and pissed me off.
  4. I had a dream that night that I called up Blogger and told the president in a very sassy voice,"Well, now I've had it, Oko! (Oko was the president of blogger in my dream- In real life he was a South African student of mine.) You've pissed me off and now I'm switching to WordPress!" (I'm much sassier in my dreams than I am in real life.)
  5. I woke up and saw this internet friend had switched too and decided it was a sign.

So I layed in bed and googled "how to switch to WordPress" and those computer geeks made WordPress sound so simple and easy to use but allow me to speak for all non-computer geeks and just say, "No, boys. It is NOT as easy you're making it sound." And if you are a computer geek and you're a girl, sorry about the generalization. I'm nerdy too- just in other ways.

I bought some domain space and set up shop at crusading with katie. Problem was, I didn't really know what "domain space" was or what I had actually purchased. From what I understand, I now own a tiny piece of the Internet. Or something like that.

Time for my second confession. Well, third if you count the time I admitted to being called "hardcore." I spent an hour on the phone with a computer geek asking ridiculous questions. See, I followed the steps some random Indian man outlined on google. He even had a video and said, "this is a very simple procedure" in a thick Indian accent. He lied. It was NOT simple. I got halfway through step one and got stuck. And there were twelve steps. Aye curumba!

I finally gave up and called some guy at "" which evidently is not the dirty site I used to assume it was. I began our conversation with, "I'm sorry, but I'm an idiot." This led to an hour of me asking idiotic questions but not feeling self-conscious about it because I had warned him. I think he was extra patient with me because I sounded extra pathetic. Case in point, here was one of our conversations:

Him: Okay, now you're going to click off that page.

Me: Alrighty. And how do I do that?

Him: Um, click the little red X.

Me: Yep, okay. And where would I find this "little red X?"

Him: In the top corner.

Me: aha. I see it now. I warned you. I'm an idiot.

He was super helpful and helped me undo all the mess I had made on the Internet while trying to following the "simple steps" of the Indian man I found on google.

So now I have my own domain. A "domain" is that thing with the dot com if you are like me and are all, "Dude, what's a domain?" I kind of wish you could have heard some of the questions I was asking that poor goDaddy guy. I'm sure he had a good laugh with his computer-genius friends when he got off the phone.

No, actually, I'm really glad you didn't hear that conversation. It was embarrassing. However, notas embarrassing as the 9-1-1 call I made a few years back. I'm REALLY glad no one but the dispatcher heard that one.

A man had had a seizure and crashed into my parked car. I thought I was cool and collected when I put my hand up and yelled, "I'll call 9-1-1" just like in the videos. But then when I actually called, I started crying hysterically and saying things like, "You need to get here fast. He's really, really hurt like really, really bad."

Turns out I'm not as cool as I thought I'd be in an emergency.

So long story short, or actually, still kinda long, I've moved sites. WordPress has a cleaner and more simplistic look but you might think it looks a little too simple right now. I do too. I'm working on it, people. I just figured out how to close a page. Give me some time.

The move reminds me of when I switched from MySpace to Facebook even though I thought Facebook was lame and plain. I missed my funky backgrounds and music but everyone else was doing it and apparently I actually would jump off a cliff if everyone else did. (I mean, cliff-jumping is super fun- except for when you tear your rectum. A certain friend of mine did this and it was the highlight of my week, maybe month, hearing that story) However, while changing from MySpace to Facebook was a piece of cake, changing to WordPress is making my hair fall out. (It's either that or my shampoo but my hair is seriously coming out in clumps.)

To try and make my new site not look so plain, I made a header. It took me about four hours so you need to appreciate it. It probably should have taken about 15 minutes but again, I'm an idiot. We've established this already, haven't we? I'm working on adding other gidgets and gadgets to make it less "plain" but I've been overloading google with questions like, "What is a widget?" and I may be making a return call to goDaddy pretty quickly here.

If you're reading this on my old site, click here to go to my new site where I have my own domain and look official. If you're already on this new site, click here to read my new "about me" page or click on the top where it says "About." Yeah, it took me 2 hours to figure out how to get that "about" button to appear. At this rate, I'll never be going back to church. Just kidding, Mom.

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